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Entrepreneurial Power Couple


Photography by Siobhan Bogle

Founders of Ladies Get Paid & Food Fork Lab

Claire Wasserman is the founder of Ladies Get Paid, an organization that provides education and community for women to advocate their value and gain the skills they need to advance their careers. A former marketing director in the advertising industry, Claire had seen too much misogyny and too few women in leadership roles and decided to do something about it. Ladies Get Paid hosts town hall workshops across the country, bringing together communities of supportive and diverse women to learn and share their experiences in the workforce.


Claire’s husband, Eric Holstein, is the co-founder of Fork Food Lab, a collaborative food maker space in Portland, Maine. Fork Food Lab boasts a 6,000 square foot kitchen as well as an attached tasting room so food entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to create a successful business. The incubator’s mission is to build a strong community in Portland around food where specialty food producers, food trucks, bakeries, and catering companies can collaborate and share their creations with the public.

Eric: Wireless Headphones

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-14

These wireless headphones have been the best thing for our marriage. Claire goes to sleep early and I’m a night owl; we live in a loft which means watching TV at midnight gets me yelled at. My dad gave them to me and actually said this would make things a lot easier. My parents have been married for over 30 years so I tend to take his advice on these sort of things.

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Claire: Give and take

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I believe connecting others is the key to success. For those intimidated by the idea of networking, Professor Adam Grant lays it out perfectly in this book. I first learned about it in a book review in the New York Times and the way he reframed networking as connecting others (or what he calls “the five-minute favor”), perfectly articulated how I’ve grown my network and essentially built my career. I’ve recommended this book to more people than I can count.

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Eric: old man and the sea

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-20

Every year growing up, I wrote book reports on the Old Man and the Sea. Because it was under a hundred pages and the teachers wouldn’t know that I wrote it last year. This figurine is a reminder to always look for the most efficient solution.

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Claire: espresso machine

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-79

This is by far the best wedding gift we received. (Though this mirror from Anthropologie is a pretty close runner-up.) I start every morning with an espresso and while I drink it, I think about the day and how lucky I am to be doing what I love. I’m terrible at meditation so this is a sort of substitute. Pretty ironic that my version of meditation is getting caffeinated.

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Eric: Snowboard fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-26

I used to be a snowboard instructor. Going down the mountain at full-speed through the trees is my happy place. You have to look three steps ahead of yourself while also being in the moment, otherwise, it could end really badly for you. I try to get out there every weekend and after ten years, this snowboard is still my favorite model.

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Claire: earrings and leather jacket

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I’d been searching for a leather jacket for a long time when I stumbled across this one on a trip to Paris. The leather is ridiculously soft and it’s perfectly sized where I can layer underneath it while not being bulky. I’m obsessed with statement earrings and since I wear a lot of black, these give me the perfect pop of color.

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Claire: winter jacket

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-104

Moving to Portland, Maine two years ago has meant surviving brutal winters. This jacket is seriously the most gorgeous thing I own and is ridiculously warm. Worth every penny.

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fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2-2

I am most proud of this purchase. They’re Prada and cost only $50 bucks – I found them in a second hand store in Boston while I was in college. They go with every outfit and are super comfortable. A total life saver when I’m going crazy on the dance floor at a wedding.

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -2

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CLAIRE: Hustle necklace

fork food lab, maine tinker photography -0052

I bought this the day after I quit my job. Though it might not have been the best idea for my wallet, I knew it would be an important reminder of the hustle required to build Ladies Get Paid. It absolutely defines my work ethic and I wear it proudly every day.

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